Prinos-Skala Prinos


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Prinos (aka Neos Prinos) is located on the north west side of Thassos and is a mainly residential village with little for the tourist, however every Monday it hosts a market (bizarre) where you can find just about everything you may need, check out some of the fruit and vegetable sellers for great deals! Prinos is also known because of the oilfields that have been found in its seabed, you may notice the oil rigs if you take a trip on the ferry to Kavala. The islands main health center can be found here.

Skala Prinos is the home of the second ferry port on the island, there is a ferry boat to Kavala all year round and a summer service to Peramos. You can find the well-known Dasilio (forest) here, this is where you encounter a perfect combination of sea, sand and the intoxicating scent of the pine forest. Accommodation from 5 star hotels, studios, apartments, maisonettes and a fully organized EOT (Greek National Tourism Organization, GNTO) camping site can be found here. Tavernas, bars and cafes abound!

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