Potamia-Skala Potamia


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At the foot of Ipsarion, the tallest mountain on Thassos (1204 meters), lays the picturesque village of Potamia. It is located 3 km's south of Panagia and 10 km's fromLimenas (Thassos Town). Plane trees line the twisting streets with streams and fountains to be found everywhere.

Traditional houses with stone roofs look over the bay (Golden Beach) with a backdrop of the brooding Ipsarion mountain range. Potamia also has the Polygnotos Vagis Museum, the famous Thassian sculptor who bequeathed his works to the village.

3 km's away is Skala Potamia (this end of Golden beach is also known as Chrisi Akti) where you will find many tavernas, bars and clubs. Try some fresh fish, or other local delights and watch the world go by, or just relax and swim and sunbathe in the deep blue waters of Golden Beach.

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