Maries-Skala Maries


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On the west side of Thassos, Maries and Skala Maries, personify the peace and tranquility of a traditional mountain village on one hand and the vibrant pleasure of a simple fishing village. Skala Maries is still relatively under developed but offers a choice of accommodation, with the super beaches of Atspas and Beba close by. The front of Skala Maries sits on the edge of a picturesque fishermans harbour which is ringed by tavernas, bars and cafes, offering the freshest of fish or you can enjoy a simple ouzo meze.

Both of these villages still rely heavily on traditional activities such as bee-keeping, livestock farming, fishing and of course olive oil production.
Slightly off the beaten track on the road to Maries you can find the Monastery of the Assumption, which is worth a visit. Finally, a walk to Maries lake just outside of Marieswill refresh your spirit.

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