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If you have Thassian friends or acquaintances you will surely have heard of Kastro (Castle). It is located about 12 km's north of Limenaria and is worth a visit, especially for nature lovers and people who just want to escape the coast and enjoy the serenity of the mountains and forests. Kastro was built during the 19th century as a refuge from the pirates who were plaguing the coastal towns of the island and the Aegean sea.

Kastro is accessible only by dirt road, from either Limenaria, Maries or Theologos, ideally you need an off road vehicle to get here, or if you are energetic it is a wonderful walk. All of the routes will take you through green valleys full of majestic pine and plane trees, with small streams criss-crossing the roads. You will be taken to the top of mountains giving you amazing views of the island. The church of Saint Athanasios dominates the center of the settlement (if it is locked you can take the key from the neighbouring cafe!).

Nowadays Kastro is famous for the festival of Saint Athanasios on 18th January, many Thassians and especially people from Limenaria visit the settlement and enjoy roasting meat outside, with music and dancing everywhere! There is no accommodation for rent in Kastro and only the one cafe which offers simple traditional refreshments and of course a small ouzo meze! A great place to enjoy your own picnic.

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