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The highest point on Thassos is Ipsarion, at 1204 meters, it gives the visitor a feeling of being amongst 'the Gods'! You can reach Ipsarion via a choice of unpaved roads from Kazavitis, Maries, Limenaria or Theologos, these routes take you on winding roads through the forested interior of Thassos, passing waterfalls and criss-crossing streams which have ancient giant plane trees lining their banks.

For adventurous hikers there are also walking trails from Potamia and Panagia. At the summit you will be faced with a stunning view of the whole Golden Beach, Potamia, Panagia, Skala Potamia and Skala Panagia and out over the sparkling Aegean sea to Samothraki and Limnos on a clear day. Make a day of it and rent a jeep and include a visit to Kastro where you will find a settlement which is held in another time! Visit the church of Agios Athanasios which was built in 1804, you may have to get the key from the cafe next door!

The cafe is also the only place in the village to get refreshments, try a meze here or a simple dish of locally produced yoghurt, walnuts and honey to recharge your batteries. You can also visit the ossuary where the exhumed bones of the dead are stored!

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