Ancient Market


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The ancient market (agora) of Thassos is a favorite destination for many tourists. You can see its ruins as you take a walk in the center of Limenas (Thassos Town). The ancient town of Thassos had two ports, one for war ships and a commercial port. In front of the naval port is the ancient marketplace of the town, the ruins of the ancient Court, Tholos and a Paleochristian basilica.

To the east of the marketplace, heading to the acropolis, you will see the ruins of the sanctuary of Dionysus (5th century B. C. ) and Poseidon (4th century B. C. ). At the top of the acropolis you will see the Ancient Theatre. Finally, you should pay a visit to the recently renovated Archaeological Museum, whose collections include remarkable findings such as 'Kriophoros Kouros' (male statue), Venus and the dolphin, Dionysus head, and many other exhibits.

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