Places to visit on Thassos

Thassos has some truly amazing places to visit. The island is scattered with many interesting landmarks, monuments and natural wonders, both from ancient times and recent history.

Places to visit on Thassos

We could write a book about the sights of Thassos, but will only mention a few to whet your appetite! We'll leave you to discover other hidden gems!

One of the most impressive sights on Thassos is the Ancient Theatre located below the acropolis of Limenas (Thassos Town). The theatre is built into the side of a hill, surrounded by forest and with fantastic views of Limenas, the ancient harbour, open sea and on to Kavala. According to Hippocrates the theatre was built in the 5th century BC, From this time it has evolved and been used almost continuously, during ancient times it was used for theatrical and musical performances and the Romans used it for games and gladiatorial combat. Nowadays, after a recent renovation, it is still used to host plays and musical events during the summer months and can seat about 1500 patrons. If you get the chance to see a live production there, don't miss it, you will be mesmerized!

Limenas, was a major center of trade during ancient times, the remains of the Ancient Market (Agora) are still evident. You will be transported back in time where you can imagine what it must have been like with a multitude of traders dealing in all the produce of Thassos, including olives, olive oil, wine and honey. These products and the snow white marble quarried on the island are still a major part of the modern day economy.

Limenaria on the south side of the island has a more contemporary offering, the Palataki (Small Palace). This impressive building is situated on top of a hill, with broad panoramic vistas over Limenaria on one side, the blue expanse of the Aegean sea on another side and Metalleia beach at its back. It was built between 1903 and 1904 by the German mining company Speidel, who were exploiting the mineral deposits, including iron and zinc, of the area. The building was constructed as their flagship headquarters and was used until the middle of the last century. Today the Palataki is a great place to visit on Thassos, enjoy a walk or picnic here amongst towering pine trees and visit Metalleia beach on the other side of the hill to see the remains of the mine and smelting works which have been turned into an art park.

The Folklore museum of Potamia is housed at Skala Potamia harbour in the Tarsanas building. This building used to be the boathouse for the monks of the long gone monastery of Saint John the Baptist. During the summer season it also hosts many exhibitions and cultural events. Whilst in the area why not pay a visit to the Vagis Museum in Potamia. Polygnotos Vagis, the sculptor, was another famous son of Thassos, born in Potamia itself. He found international fame for his works. He left the island during the Turkish occupation but always retained his roots, even signing his works 'The Thassian'. Shortly before his death he stated: "I leave all my works to the people and government of Greece with the proviso that they be placed in a national museum or library built by preference on the island of Thassos, the land of my birth". You can find the small museum next to the church in Potamia. It is well worth a visit!